Welcome to Law of Attraction Radio Network


Welcome to the EVER EXPANDING World of Law of Attraction Radio Network.

We are proud to present our Radio Hosts, who we consider to be authorities in this leading edge field called the Law of Attraction. Every show produced by our Expert hosts provides a wealth of knowledge of information that may not have been revealed before as each show expands and unfolds. Based upon the ever mounting documentation of science through Quantum Mechanics and looking through new eyes of spirituality free of the dogma, each show has been created lovingly with your fulfillment in mind.

Welcome to the Ever Expanding World of the law of Attraction! We are here to serve you!

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LOA Radio Shows

Law of Attraction Talk Radio


Join Jewels as she talks with NY Times Bestselling Authors, Scientists, Medical Doctors, Spiritual Leaders and Law of Attraction Experts.

Tap into the Quantum-Heart

YOUR HOST: Coach Jim Alvino

What we have in life is exactly what we have attracted and created. Jim teaches you how to tap into the Quantum-Heart and live the life you desire.

LOA 2.0


GP Walsh, a long time spiritual teacher and healer answers questions on a variety of topics from wealth to death and more.

Think, Believe and Manifest Show

YOUR HOST: Constance Arnold

Constance inspires you to create the life of your dreams as we discuss living life authentically and purposefully.


YOUR HOST: Reisha Baker

Tune in to PowerTalk with Reisha Baker for leading edge discussions about the power of words and how to use that power to transform your life.

Design Your Dream Life

YOUR HOST: Dory Bertrand

From relationships abd a healthy body to family and business, Bertrand helps listeners through a journey in defining their vision and dreams.

Having it ALL

YOUR HOST: Marbeth Dunn

MarBeth shows you how to live in joy and abundance as she interviews NY Times best selling authors, top thought leaders and spiritual teachers.

Create Your Reality with Dr. J


Create Your Reality with Dr. J is designed to awaken listeners to live outside the box of limited thinking.

The Power of I AM


RJ Banks answers your questions about the Power of the I AM, the Law of Attraction and any issue that you may need help with through reframing.

Windows in your Mind

YOUR HOST: Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha

A journey into the imagery realm of reality. This show encompasses who we are as a collective humanity Humanity.

Your Happiness Way

YOUR HOST: Lorane Gordon

LEARN to MANIFEST with her proven Inspirational coaching and teachings to create a more fulfilling life.

SACRED Leadership

YOUR HOST: Judy van Niekerk

Living the SACRED Leadership life is to exponentially grow your income, life and success... Learn how!

Unlock Your Potential

YOUR HOST: Shonté Taylor

Unlock Your Potential for success, life, and love by understanding the secrets of neuroscience and how it affects your brain, emotions and life.

Coming Out Alive

YOUR HOST: Margaret Street

Coming Out Alive is a show dedicated to LGBTQ people of all ages who have yet to come out, or are in the process and need support...