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About Dr. Erika Montgomery

Dr. Erika has been practicing mental health for 23 years. She has helped thousands of people on their journey to mental wellness. No matter who you are, where you are from, what you do, and what you have been through, you most definitely have the power to change and live happily. 


Dr. Erika has found the most limiting belief people have is feeling unworthy and unlovable. Her mission is to affirm the worth, love, and unlimited possibilities in each and every human being. Everyone has the power within them to master their mind, live happily, and create the life you are worthy of living.


She is a strong advocate of CBD oil having seen the tremendous success of her clients has had with it. Now she is bringing this incredible CBD to the world through this Talk Radio Show. 


To master your mind, you learn to leave the old programming behind, you learn to focus on the
life of your dreams, and you can live happily in the now.


Be Love. Be Human.

Be Kind.

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