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Dr. Michael L Mosley
Alexa: "Play SPIRITUAL INSIGHT with Dr. Michael Mosley"

"You are programmed to succeed.
Every turn you make will cause your Spiritual Insight System to 
re-route you to your promised destiny!”

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About Dr. Michael Mosley

Although often regarded as a "Mind Coach," Dr. Michael L. Mosley is a highly regarded  motivational speaker  featured in various venues addressing crowds in conferences, crusades, revivals even business and private consultations.  With over 25 years of experience, he has assisted and aided thousands including attorneys, business owners and has been labeled by his peers as he connects to them through SPIRIT to give Divine advice.


Originally studying for a career in Music Education, Dr. Mosley often shares in worship and music ministry with his wife, Lady Annilia.  He has conducted several choirs and displays his musical talent as he travels. 


Now residing in Southern California, Dr. Mosley established  a new spiritual community (Center of Truth Church) in which he devotes many hours and love to shine the light into the minds and souls. 


Dr. Mosley attended and graduated from an accredited school for hypnotherapy, Hypnosis Motivational Institute.  Being a gifted Certified Hypnotherapist, Dr. Mosley uses this therapeutic tool to help many achieved success in smoking cessation, weight control, low self esteem and so many others.  Through the powers of prophecy and hypnotherapy, many have already acquired the success they was created for by the 'renewing of their minds!"

 Through Dr. Mosley’s unique  ministry, thousands have been  empowered, encouraged, and inspired through  his teachings and  prophecies across the globe.  And  today, it is our belief that this  ministry is  part of God’s plan  to spiritually aid you in your  journey of achieving the success  you have  been destined by God!  

You are guaranteed to have nothing  to lose, but quite a bit to gain!  


  • Divine Intuitive/Spiritual Counselor

  • Award Winning Life Coach

  • Master Hypnotherapist

  • Musician

For a Reading or Coaching or to purchase my book, 

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