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During the next hour, Stan Lee will be providing certainty and clarity for all who listen with practical and applied Numerology not only on a personal level but all world happenings.


The ESP Code Numerology Method (created and developed by Stan) is a holistic lifetime plan.  You will discover that the synchronicities you experience will be amplified with the connection to Stan Lee. 

Make sure to tune in as often as you can to listen and more importantly to calibrate your frequencies and energies. Even Carl Jung would be pleasantly surprised by what happens to all individuals as they listen and absorbed Stan's energies.  Amazingly,  The synchronicities amplify the longer the connection to Stanley.

Discover Your ESP Code Numerology Four numbered sequence code that has been sitting dormant from birth. 

Are you ready to discover how amazing you really are?



I consider Stan Lee to be a Mathematical Genius.  He goes way beyond an astrologer or an intuitive.  He is incredible! Stan makes you understand that you are connected to Source and your Soul Purpose and destiny information are within your birthdate. 

                       - Jewels Johnson

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Stan Lee deciphers the Energy codes of Tesla. Jung, and Edgar Cayce

March 26, 2021

Stan Lee deciphers the numerology energy codes of Nikola Tesla (8212),
Carl Jung (6399), and Edgar Cayce (3587) You can look back at the past greats and see similar patterns in your own archetypes.
This helps to guide you with motivation and inspiration in your present life. Who knows you may even have the same codes.
Stan Lee as a Mathematical Alchemist can ignite your inner child towards creativity such that you can have a prosperous life.
Join in on his weekly call where you can get your questions answered as well. He is now on Law of Attraction Radio Network every week and
does his live shows every Thursday at 5 PM PST / 8PM EST on Zoom!


2021 IS A SHAKE-UP YEAR! (Watch video).

About Stan Lee


Stan Lee is a Master Numerologist and Astrologer who has created the most unique Numerology System on Planet Earth.

Stan has an amazing ability to speed-read books at 1,000 words per minute, and photographically read books at 52,000 words per minute subconsciously.


Fortunately for us,  Stan has taken this speed and implemented it within his numerology system.

He is an Esoteric Entrepreneur and SPIRITUAL ADVISOR from Sydney, Australia. A true seeker of the term "Know Thyself," Stan has self-taught himself the amazing wisdom from those considered to be the best in their fields of wealth creation, increased health acceleration, and maintaining balance.

Now you can become a Balance Being with Spiritual Transformation via the Esoteric Wisdom of:

* Numerology/Astrology/Astronomy
* Metaphysics/Quantum Physics/Quantum Mechanics
* Religion/Philosophy/Science/Mind & Brain

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