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Join Karen Cesario Rizzo as she shares her true and inspiring stories of Angel encounters and divine messages. As an established Author, Spiritual Coach, Medium, and public speaker, her desire is to inspire others and to remind us we are all one, guided, divinely loved, and never alone. Her lighthearted, often humorous stories will warm your heart and enlighten your soul.  Karen will inspire you to shine your lights brighter than ever and align with your soul, the mothership.  The time for belief and healing is now. Because if not now, when?

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About Karen Rizzo

An established Author, Medium, Spiritual Coach and inspiring Public Speaker, Karen Cesario Rizzo’s passion is helping others heal.  This spiritedness comes from her own personal journey of healing and transformation.

Karen shares her true and amazing stories of Angel encounters and miracles in all her work.  Her desire is to inspire others, and to remind us we are all one, guided, DIVINELY LOVED, and never alone!  Her lighthearted, relatable stories will warm your heart and enlighten your soul.

Her vulnerability, honesty and touch of humor is inspirational in dealing with painful and profound life situations. 

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