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Multidimensional Health 

Multidimensional Health Radio Show provides a truly holistic overview of health and vital well-being that will assist you in living your BEST LIFE!

Every week, Dr. Toni will cover topics that connect quantum physics, psychology, and neuropsychology research that help you to dicepher what your magical body is all about.  Fascinating topics that consist of  the Law of Attraction and vibration, Eastern Medicine, and Energy Medicine will assist you to work through any physical and/or  emotional blocks.  This interesting information will allow you to take back control of YOUR life.  It's time  to create a truly magical life full of abundance, health, love, and happiness!

Anything and everything is possible when you learn the scientific basis for your physical health and well-being!

Dr. Toni Camacho

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About Dr. Toni Camacho

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The information, ideas, and suggestions in this show are not intended as a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice. Before following any suggestions contained in these shows, you should consult your personal physician or mental health professional. Neither the host nor the Law of Attraction Radio Network shall be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising as a consequence of your use or application of any information or suggestions in this show. 

Dr. Toni is a best-selling author, Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and Registered Herbalist (RH) in San Diego, California. She holds a Ph.D in Psychology, and a Clinical Herbalist Certificate.  She is also a certified Jack Canfield Trainer on the Success Principles.


Dr. ​Toni’s approach to healing is multi-dimensional. In her work, she integrates the principles of Eastern and Western nutrition, Herbology, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Buddhist Mindfulness, The Law of Attraction along with  personal counseling to assist others in working through their physical or emotional blocks.  Everyone needs the full spectrum of vitality to improve their quality of life.   This allows you to  attain optimal health, and to achieve YOUR goals and dreams.


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