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I believe everyone has a story to share. I’m on a journey to discover the magic inside each person's story. Each week I will introduce you to guests where I will dig deep and uncover the beautiful miracles from life and experiences to inspire and encourage you to live life to the fullest. My goal is to give each guest a platform to share their lives with the world in hopes that someone will be inspired to take action and live life with passion and purpose. Welcome to Uncover Your Magic podcast with me, Ashley Gonor.


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About Paula Kidd Casey

Paula Kidd Casey–known as The Lawyer of Attraction™–has been a practicing family law attorney for over 39 years and was one of the first women in the midwest to open a private law firm. Like many driven entrepreneurs, Paula spent years pursuing money and success at the expense of her health and peace of mind.. After realizing her professional life was not bringing her joy and fulfillment, she spent years trying to define her passion and then searching for ways to achieve it. Thousands of hours of study later, she discovered a life-changing theory, The Natural Laws of the Universe.

Today, she lives her passion based on these magical, yet scientifically proven, concepts.. Paula is a sought-after speaker and consultant for successful professionals, individual searching for more joy, and everyone who might be seeking greater balance, happiness,and peace in their lives, but most importantly, who are seeking a path to realizing their own passion and reigniting the magic.

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