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Julie Ryan is a medical intuitive and a spiritual psychic counselor who can sense what medical conditions and illnesses a person has to facilitate energetic healings.    Julie is able to see energy fields—as well as communicate with those that have already transitioned.  She can do all this through distance healing.  


One of the really special talents Julie experiences is communicating with animals.  Whether sick or lost, Julie can talk directly to them to bring you the information that you need to provide your furry friend comforts and well-being.


One of the greatest gifts Julie loves to facilitate is helping those who are waiting to transition as well as their family members information on what is occurring.   Are their Angels present? Are other deceased family and friends present?  Julie eases the fear into bliss by allowing everyone to understand what is occurring during this death birthing process.  It's quite a beautiful experience.  


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About Julie Ryan

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Julie Ryan is a gifted psychic and medical intuitive. She can identify what medical conditions and illnesses a person has, facilitate energetic healings, see energy fields, and communicate with spirits both alive and dead. Julie can work from anywhere; in fact, it’s rare she’s with someone while scanning them.


Julie can also energetically scan and communicate with animals, access people’s past lives, and remove ghosts from homes and buildings. She can also tell how close to death someone is.


As a graduate of The School of Healing Arts in Nashville, Julie learned the basics of how to do energy work more than 20 years ago and has been doing it ever since, adding to her skills and refining her own techniques over the years.

During her career in business, she invented surgical devices that are sold throughout the world and founded several companies in various industries. Julie has used her knowledge as an inventor and entrepreneur to help others all her life. She has also cultivated a gift that allows communication on a higher level. Now she uses her skills to help others grow, heal, and get answers in a truly unique way.


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