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Brilliance Universe Hour 

Unverse is about YOU!  So let's talk about You! 


Your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing can shift your vibration to attract brilliance in your life, which includes  prosperity, love, success, health, and protection based on your state of consciousness.

On every episode,Nika demonstrates remedial actions and solutions provided on the chosen topic can range a variety of specialties to attract and build the brilliant life you have been waiting for!

  • Vastu/Feng Shui,

  • Aromatherapy,

  • Mediation,

  • Yoga,

  • Astrology remediation,

  • Candle Magic,

  • EFT,

  • Art Therapy

One of the unique benefits to listening to my show, is that you will receive Reiki Healing as you listen. Write to me at and I can send healing to person/place/thing/situation in past, present or future, all of which is provided via distance during the show.


Are you feeling stuck? Unhappy? Angry? Unjust? Sad?  Disassociated? Join Nika at the Brilliance Universe hour.

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About Nika Kapila

Nika is a personal mindset coach, crisis counselor, and Holy Fire III Reiki Master, who can sense emotional, physical, and mental conditions energtically. 


By simply sending a person/place/thing/situation energetic healings (in past, present and future) Nika can resolved many life long issues that you have been dealing with as she provides you with the tools to attract brilliance into your life. 


Nika is the founder of Brilliance Coaching which has been an ongoing success for over 15 years.  With her special energetic healings and her clairvoyant and psychic abilities, she is able to provide the answers that you need to help you to create a beautiful future.


Nika’s special talent is at reading numerous different tarot decks that bring greater clarity to any specific issue. She feels that her sole purpose in life is to help those in transition move to and adapt to new phases of life such as divorce, break-up, retirement, loss of family or pet, and of course the fear of the unknown, like death. 


One of her favorite instructions to her clients is to say,

“I want to feel good!”  Repeat this as loud as you can with as much energy as you can, over and over....your vibration will increase every time you say it. 


Light your fire!! - Nika