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Uncover Your Magic

I believe everyone has a story to share. I’m on a journey to discover the magic inside each person's story. Each week I will introduce you to guests where I will dig deep and uncover the beautiful miracles from life and experiences to inspire and encourage you to live life to the fullest. My goal is to give each guest a platform to share their lives with the world in hopes that someone will be inspired to take action and live life with passion and purpose. Welcome to Uncover Your Magic podcast with me, Ashley Gonor.


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About Ashley Gonor

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Ashley moved to San Diego to finish College at San Diego State where she majored in Business.   Eventually she moved back to Seattle to start a business with her sister designing seat covers for boats. At the same time,  she worked for her father’s business selling attachments for large tractors until she realized that Montana wasn’t for her and headed back to sunny San Diego. 


Ashley worked for a DSL company that led her on a quest for personal development and transformation.  She quit her job after realizing she wanted to create a life with passion and purpose.  She opened a day spa and started buying houses.  She met her husband Richard during the is time and ended up selling her spa while pregnant with her first baby. 


Ashley is a mother of two girls, currently ages 12 and 14.  She has loved being a mother and has taught her daughters how to live with a heart of gratitude and love. This led to Ashley's strong desire to inspire and encourage others to live a life with passion in which to seek out the magic in one’s life.

She became a transformational life coach for teens and parents that encompasses the Law of Attraction using mindset tools to inspire others to dream big and live in the highest vibration.  

Her course “Raising Confidence” teaches her ‘Seven-Step Magical Formula” which is designed to empower teens and parents to understand the power they were born with.  This is truly a magical journey allowing pure joy and happiness in which to design a new glorious future.   Step into your magical life with Ashley Gonor.