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There is nothing more important that your frame of mind, your happiness and your ability to bring abundance to you! Doing this jumpstarts the ripple out effect because people want to know how you did it! Join Jewels Johnson as she talks with NY Times Bestselling Authors, Scientists, Medical Doctors, Spiritual Leaders and Law of Attraction Experts to deliver the message that You are your thoughts.  Jewels mission is to take the Foo-foo out of the Law of Attraction and to bring scientific information to forefront to verify the validity of the Law of Attraction.  Another Great Show on Law of Attraction Radio Network!

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About Jewels

Jewels lives in Southern California and has a successful hypnotherapy practice specializing in the Law of Attraction. An internet radio pioneer, Jewels began broadcasting 8 years ago with the simple message… You Are Magnificent!

Two years later, Jewels created the Law of Attraction Radio Network to fulfill the many requests to have more inspiring shows available 7 days per week. Recognizing the necessary action steps, Jewels also learned the necessity to let go of the reigns and let the Universe take over. Today, the Law of Attraction Radio Network is heard all over the world through her live events as well as well as her radio network with the ever evolving message to “TAKE BACK YOUR POWER.”

The incredible success of the network has made one thing perfectly clear. Listeners want to plug their minds into conscious creation 24/7. The network gives listeners the opportunities to stay connected and avoid the negativity of the daily news. It also proves the existence of the Law of Attraction…”Build it [in love] and they will come.”


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