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About the Show

I inspire you to create the life of your dreams as we discuss living life authentically and purposefully. This Show will teach you how to use spiritual universal laws to live a life filled with abundance, wealth, health and purpose.You will gain tools to help you begin to change your thinking and believing so that you can unlock and release your unlimited potential. You will discover how to apply practical insights that will lead to miraculous manifestations in your life.

My former guests have included:  Jack Canfield, Dr. John DeMartini, Lisa Nichols, Dr. Dennis Kimbro, Marci Shimoff, Marcia Wieder, Dr. Travis Taylor, Berny Dorhmann and many other top Law of Attraction and Success Experts.



About Constance

Author, Master Trainer and Certified Dream Coach, Constance has over 25 years experience in areas of Counseling, Coaching and Professional Leadership Training in both public and private sectors. Her primary goals are to empower individuals/organizations transformational leadership/professional training and workshops. She is a much sought after corporation speaker and has notable clients all over the world.





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