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Design Your Dream Life Show with Bertrand Dory is about bringing listeners through a journey in defining your vision and dreams

We, then, unveil what is stopping us. From this awareness we learn how to live consciously, taking the steps towards living the life of our dreams.Imagine and see your life as you want it! Maybe it is the abundance, wealth, a fulfilling relationship, peace in your heart, a healthy body, a lovely family, a striving business.. or whatever is important to you and that you really desire in your heart. You can achieve this with the universal laws of the Universe, such as the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect; and you can have it all.

In my own personal journey, I experienced many shifts and created my life, from a place where I was lost, stuck, without an income, and feeling alone, to where I am today. It is my strongest desire to help you to begin to Design Your Dream Life, and I am bringing to you ththe wisdom of the best teachers in the world and through my first book Conversations for your Soul

About Bertrand Dory

Bertrand Dory is and the author of Conversations for your Soul and an authority in Personal Development. He is also a motivational and transformational speaker, a life coach and a great dad. His wisdom and his own experience, as a coach and as somebody who transformed every aspects of his life, and is advocating congruence and alignement with ourselves and with our values. Bertrand is a Human Needs Psychology speciliast and understands the patterns, behaviors and emotional addictions that are stopping us to living the life we deserve.

Bertrand shares the experiences of his own life overcoming huge obstacles that could left him broke and angry, but instead he began developing technique and exercises that he used to bring him back to the place where he was able to design his dream life.

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